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Virginia Beach/Hampton, VA

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09-17-23 - Confidence

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​​Your Rhythm and Praise Dance Party

New Spirit Radio - The Radio Show

09-03-23 - Anger

     New Spirit Radio is your rhythm and praise dance party to keep your faith fit, work out your worship muscles and celebrate your blessings in spite of your stresses. New Spirit Radio is an energized blend of your favorite gospel artists, plus the incredible spirit moving vibes and voices from the world of gospel house music, all in a non-stop mix that motivates your soul and moves your feet. You’ll also get the wisdom of Bible verses and the power of prayer and affirmations, delivering a fully uplifting experience to your spirit.

Jeremiah 31:13: “Then young women will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness.”

     It’s something new for your spirit that pumps up your praise. New Spirit Radio, your rhythm and praise dance party!





09-10-23 - Love

Psalm 149:3 - Let them praise His name with dancing. Let them sing praises to Him.

New Spirit Radio is always live on this website all day and night, every day and night. Just click the player at the top of the page. You can tune into the radio show on the stations and outlets displayed below. 

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Meet the Host

​     New Spirit Radio is hosted by the one and only Al Green. He is afterall the only Al Green hosting New Spirit Radio.
Al is a veteran of radio, as well as the music and entertainment business, who spent a fair amount of his younger years spinning and mixing records on the wheels of steel. He's also the grandson of two Methodist ministers. He says the idea for New Spirit Radio fulfills a promise, and a divine directive.
     "From a young age, my maternal grandfather (mom's side) always talked to me about being a missionary or minister," says Green. "He talked about being a man of service. A man of the people for God. That's really how he lived. When I was still a teen, I told him that I wouldn't promise to be a preacher, but I would find a way to use my talents to help spread God's word."
     Years later, in November 2013, Al was sitting at his computer late one night, perplexed as to the next moves he should make. He heard a voice.

“If you help me to spread my word, everything else will fall in place.”

     Green says, "I've never been one to say, quote unquote, God told me. But I heard His voice that night, and I’ve been working to fulfill that calling ever since.”
     In the years since hearing His voice, Al has worked at gospel radio stations, helped to promote music and written gospel songs. He even created an earlier version of a show called New Spirit Radio, but it wasn’t as new or as spirited as what it has become today.
     “I’m really hyped to mix my musical and media platforms into this radio music ministry,” Green continued. “It’s been a long time in the making. As the show grows to touch more people, I can testify that despite the madness life throws my way, things continue to fall in place. I call that “The Lesson of In Spite Of.” It’s a lesson that my grandfather repeatedly blessed me with. It’s evidence that God is a way maker and promise keeper. New Spirit Radio is my way to share that lesson and evidence with the world.”

     Celebrating life...in spite of - New Spirit Radio!